“I love having the simple order status app for
our stores. It fills a critical information gap.
I've not had to field a single e-mail asking the
status of an order since I installed it.” -J Nanci, Chocolate Alchemy
“It’s so simple to install and I never even
have to think about it, it just works. Thank
you very much!”
-D Craft, Georgetown Front Lawn
“I love talking to any customer, but this app
addresses the majority of routine inquiries
and now we have more time for the others.” -D Bako, Surya Organics

What gets installed?

SimpleOrderStatus does not modify any aspect of your store's theme or content. Instead a new Shopify "Page" will be created with the handle "order-status" which is ready to run right out of the box. If you already have an existing page with that handle, a new page will still be created with a similar but unique handle. You can of course modify the page handle if you like.

Can I customize it?

Yes, the page we create in your store during the installation process contains html and text that you may edit, carefully of course. If you know your way around html, we've clearly marked the areas of the page that you can feel free and safe to edit in order to customize verbiage and styles. We've posted an example of customizing the CSS in a separate FAQ.

Can I hide some order notes from displaying to the customers?

Yes, there are two ways to hide order notes, completely and partially.

To completely hide all notes from displaying for a customer thru this app, enter the word PRIVATE in all upper case somewhere in the notes field.

To partially or selectively hide some order notes, you can use Javascript style commenting syntax to hide parts of the order notes. See this article on Wikipedia if you are unfamiliar with Javascript style commenting.