Based on your Shopify plan

(A 7-day free trial period applies to all plans)

SimpleOrderStatus offers flat-rate pricing based on the level of Shopify plan you are currently on. There is no difference in the app's features or performance, but simply slightly increased pricing for plans used by larger, busier shops. If you are not sure, click the "Account" link from your Shopify Admin interface. All billing for the application will be handled through your Shopify account billing, no separate payments are necessary to us directly.

Monthly price by Shopify plan type:

Lite, Starter, Basic Shopify
Standard, Professional, Shopify
Business, Advanced Shopify
Unlimited, Enterprise, Premier, Plus

Free for new Shopify stores

Just create your Shopify store as our affiliate using the button below, and the application is yours free for as long as your store exists.

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